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boxym pulse oximeter
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New Arrival


NEW ECG Heart Health Monitor with Professional Analysis

1. Easy to wear, easy to operate
2. Smart APP, transmission of health test data, easy to view data
Can be worn all day to monitor ECG/heart rate
3. No button automatic sensing, start when wearing, stop when taking off
4. Dynamic monitoring, no fear of interference
5. Small in volume, light in weight, and convenient to carry

A qUICK Look Inside BOXYM

BOXYM is a high-tech company specializing in the research, development, and production of wearable healthcare, like smart ECG series medical devices and wearable Oximeter. Over the years, we have been deeply involved in the medical field and have continuously innovated and developed intelligent ECG mobile medical equipment. Providing intelligent wearable medical solutions is one of our main goals to help people understand and control their health. Through our products, you can better and more conveniently understand your health status and get more professional advice.

Over the years, we have been deeply involved in different medical fields and have continuously innovated and developed intelligent mobile medical equipment.

With the wearable health monitor on your hands or arms, you no longer have to worry about any sudden health diseases. We are committed to being the provider of future wearable healthcare solutions to help people make healthier decisions.

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Community elderly care and health monitoring equipment is one of the hot topics in today’s society. With the intensification of population aging, people pay more and more attention to the health and quality of life of the elderly, especially community-based elderly care services. 


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