10 Ways to calibrate a sphygmomanometer

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Blood Pressure, BP Monitors

1. The standard mercury sphygmomanometer should be selected to be accurate and certified: the doctor who measures blood pressure should be very skilled. According to the normal operation, place the mercury column sphygmomanometer airbag on the right upper arm: the electronic sphygmomanometer is placed on the left hand, and the lower edge of the upper arm airbag is placed on the left upper arm about 2 cm, that is, a transverse finger above the elbow joint, and the entire airbag bag surrounds the upper arm.

2. The important thing is that the broad bean-shaped transducer should be aimed at the Chen artery of the left upper arm. The most prominent ocular arterial pulsation is on the inner side of the upper arm above the arm, and it should be at the inner 1/3. You can touch the beating with your fingers before measuring blood pressure. The transducer should be aligned here and close tightly, and the blood pressure measured is the most accurate. Some transducers are very small and not easy to touch. The hose should also be placed in the inner 1/3.

3. Mercury sphygmomanometer and electronic sphygmomanometer. After the right and left hands are tied, straighten the patient’s sitting position, relax the two forearms on the table, sit upright, place the lower limbs side by side, relax the whole body, and don’t be nervous.

4. Immediately after starting the electronic sphygmomanometer switch, start the mercury sphygmomanometer pressure measurement, both of which should measure blood pressure at the same time. Calibration is based on the mercury sphygmomanometer reading. Example: Carefully record the mercury sphygmomanometer value, accurate to half a division, for example, the blood pressure is 153/95 mm. Recording column: read the digital display of the electronic sphygmomanometer, such as 143/91: it means that the electronic sphygmomanometer is lower than 10/4 of the day Represents the patient’s accurate blood pressure, this is the difference value. Another example is that the mercury blood pressure is 153/bait, and the electronic sphygmomanometer measures 2/muscle at the same time, which means that the electronic sphygmomanometer is too high. In the future, when the pressure is measured in the same patient, it will be reduced by 9/5. This difference value can be used within a period of time, if it can be proofread every half to a year, it is more meaningful.

5. In this proofreading method, the pressure should be measured continuously for more than 3 times at the same time. Compared with the average blood pressure of the two sphygmomanometers (addition of each divided by 3), it is the average difference between the two sphygmomanometers. If the mercury sphygmomanometer measures little change in blood pressure each time, but the electronic sphygmomanometer has a large difference, it indicates that the electronic sphygmomanometer is not accurate enough.

6. This proofreading method. When the blood pressure of the same patient fluctuates greatly, it is best to check the difference between the two blood pressure heights when the mercury sphygmomanometer measures 140/90 and greater than or equal to 160/greater than or equal to 100. Value, so that when the normal and high blood pressure are different, the proofreading will also be given. This can be more correct.

7. The proofreading method of this electronic sphygmomanometer is limited to the phase difference value of this patient, and it may be different or completely different on another patient. Even if it is the same electronic sphygmomanometer, the phase difference value cannot be applied. Because the blood pressure of each person’s left and right upper arms can be different, or can reach a difference of 5-10 mm, or even more.

8. Electronic sphygmomanometers above model 700 should be more accurate, similar to mercury sphygmomanometers. If you proofread it, you can use it with confidence. Of course, it is not bad and unrealistic.

9. Wrist-type electronic sphygmomanometers can also be calibrated by this method. However, the battery quality of the wrist-type electronic sphygmomanometer should be guaranteed. The battery should be removed after each use. The battery should not be used for too long to avoid unnecessary errors.

10. If a family or more people use the same electronic blood pressure meter at the same time, each person must do their own proofreading to obtain the difference value of each person for their own proofreading.

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