6 Points to Chose the Oxygen Generator

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How to chose the oxygen generator? Household oxygen concentrators. There are many kinds of household oxygen concentrators on the market. Due to the different principles of oxygen production, the use characteristics of each household oxygen concentrator are also different.

The oxygen concentration is greater than 90%, the flow is stable, the longer the running time, the better, the lower the noise, the better, the use and maintenance are convenient, and the warranty service is fast.

1. The oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator

Oxygen concentration ranks first because it is too important. If it is lower than 90%, it will not have the medical effect, but will delay the condition. Most of the machines we just bought can reach 90%. The key point is the manufacturer’s molecular sieve fdelay the condition. Most of the machines we just bought can reach 90%. The key point is the manufacturer’s molecular sieve filling technology and the quality of the molecular sieve used. The oxygen concentration of a good molecular sieve remains unchanged under long-term machine operation. We internalize a scene. When you fill the bottle with sand A and half of sand B, keep shaking the bottle. The longer the time, the loss of B will be greater than that of A, because the sand in bottle B has more friction.

2. Flow rate of oxygen generator

The stability of the flow depends on the compressor. The oil-free compressor is a hard-to-break accessory. The first disadvantage is that the noise of the machine will increase after a long time, and the second disadvantage is that the strength of the machine will decrease after a long time. This is a common problem of all machines.

3. Running time of oxygen generator

People with serious illnesses are resistant to oxygen and must inhale oxygen 24 hours a day. Some patients are uneasy and will buy 2 sets just in case.

4. The noise of the oxygen generator

Patients with heart disease and neurological disease are very sensitive to noise; such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, neurasthenia

30-40 decibels is an ideal quiet environment for people. More than 50 decibels will affect sleep and rest, and more than 70 decibels will interfere with conversation and affect work efficiency.

5. Easy to use and maintain:

The oxygen concentrator is very easy to use in most people’s eyes, but I have seen two young people around 30 who installed the air outlet and the air inlet reversely, which caused the oxygen tube to spray water.

Now the oxygen generator is basically a fool-like operation, turning on, filling water, connecting the oxygen tube, and turning off.

6. Maintenance:

This is the key point. The life of the machine and the oxygen concentration are closely related to the maintenance of the user.

How to maintain and maintain the oxygen generator?

1.Clean the shell

Wipe and clean the outside of the case at least once a month: first cut off the power supply and wipe it with a clean and soft cotton cloth or sponge, and do not allow liquid to penetrate into the gaps in the case.

2. Replace the air intake filter

The replacement of the intake filter is very important to protect the compressor and molecular sieve and extend the life of the oxygen generator. Please replace it in time; the replacement period of molecular sieve is 2-3 years.

3.Cleaning the atomization cup

1. The water in the atomization cup should be changed every day.

2. The atomization cup is cleaned once a week and rinsed with clean water repeatedly to ensure oxygen hygiene. When cleaning the chemical cup, pay attention to cleaning the vent rod on the cap of the equipped bottle.

Note: If the water tank has not been cleaned for a long time or the water has not been changed for a long time, causing scale or peculiar smell in the water tank, soak in white vinegar for more than half an hour, shake vigorously to clean it, and then rinse it with water.

4.Replace the fuse

First cut off the power, the fuse holder is located on the back of the machine, next to the power cord socket, use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry open the fuse holder cover, you can take out and replace

5.Oxygen generator power failure alarm

The energy used by the alarm device of this machine is a capacitive alarm. When the power of the backup power supply is almost exhausted, the alarm sound will be weakened. After the failure is resolved, it can be used normally after restarting.

6.Oxygen generator low oxygen concentration alarm

After the machine produces oxygen for 10 minutes, the oxygen (display concentration) <82%, the alarm indicator on the LCD screen lights up, and the buzzer keeps beeping

7. Other alarms of the oxygen generator

(1) Compressor over-temperature automatically protects and shuts down.

(2) Compressor overpressure automatically releases pressure, release pressure: 280kPa±50kPa.

(3) The oxygen generator cycle failure alarm, when the oxygen generator cycle system fails, the buzzer will give an intermittent sound alarm, and the “” red indicator light will be on.

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