Can You Use a Nebulizer to Treat a Cough?

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Nebulizers are the key to treating coughs in our daily lives. We can take babies to the hospital for nebulization surgery. Generally, nebulization takes about half an hour. After the nebulization is carried out It can reduce the symptoms of coughing in everyone. A nebulizer is generally done with drugs such as doxofylline to treat coughs, which can cure spleen deficiency and throat discomfort. It is recommended that patients try it

The type of cough and treatment will also vary.

Generally speaking, cough is mainly divided into these 4 types:


thick and powerful cough, itchy throat, phlegm, and thin sputum when coughing, mostly white fever, fear of cold, no sweat, often accompanied by headache, nasal congestion, runny nose, etc. For this illness, a nebulizer is important.

Wind-heat rough manifestations:

coughing intermittently, dry throat, painful cough, sputum and thick sputum, mostly yellow, easy to thirsty, sometimes sweating is often accompanied by headache, dizziness, fever, etc.

Wind dry cough


Itchy throat, hoarse voice and coughing, no sputum or very little sputum, it is difficult to cough up dry tongue, low saliva secretion is often accompanied by cold, fever, headache, etc.

Manifestations: When coughing, the sputum is thick and thick, mostly white with gray or yellow. The throat is swollen and painful, and the mouth feels bitter. The tongue is very red and often accompanied by chest tightness, nausea, fatigue, etc.

Home nebulizer effect

Today’s children are very prone to coughing, and always take medications that are not good. Therefore, parents like to take their babies to the hospital for nebulization. There are undoubtedly many children who need nebulization, and it is impossible for the outpatient clinic of the hospital to let everyone Everyone has one, so there is no need to wait. Generally, it takes more than half an hour to do the Nebulizer. If you can wait, children will undoubtedly refuse. At this moment, if you buy an electronic cigarette nebulizer at home, it will be much more convenient and you will feel cleaner. E-cigarette vaporizer is filled with syrup and then volatilized, which feels like an air humidifier. After the child washes the medicine, it is equivalent to eating it down, and it can be digested and absorbed quickly. E-cigarette The carburetor is based on that basic principle, and then it can be cured quickly.

What kind of medicine is used for household nebulizer?

1: Penicillin, anti-inflammatory.

2: Dimi, hormone drugs, anti-inflammatory.

3: Doxofylline expands the bronchus, which is conducive to Nebulizer, digestion and absorption.

4: Mu Shu Tan, relieve cough and reduce phlegm.

It can be used 1, 2, 3, or independently. 4. For example, sensory hormone drugs have an effect on children. You can also use 1, 2, or 3.

How nebulizers relieve coughing?

Trusted SourceTrusted SourcePubMed Central Highly respected database from the National Institutes of HealthGo to source, but first determining the underlying cause of your cough is the most important step.

A cough may be caused by a variety of short-term and long-term conditions, including:




post-nasal drip

smoke exposure

the common cold or flu, including croup

lung irritation

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

acid reflux


bronchitis (or bronchiolitis in very young children)

cystic fibrosis

heart disease

lung disease

The role of a nebulizer is to quickly provide your lungs with medication, something that an inhaler may not be able to do as well.

Nebulizers work with your natural breathing, so they may be ideal for people who have difficulty using inhalers, such as babies and small children.

However, you should always talk with your healthcare provider before using them to make sure you have the proper medication and dosage for you or your child.

How to use a household Nebulizer?

Put the nebulizer into a vessel filled with water. Connect the power cord of the central electronic cigarette nebulizer to the center of the transformer, and then connect the power plug of the transformer to the switching power supply. However, everyone should also pay attention to that when the electronic cigarette nebulizer is working, do not place the ultrasonic nebulizer on the doorknob. Due to the high-frequency fluctuations, the hand will feel tingling, but this is not the impact of electricity or electricity. . Ultrasonic nebulizers are family-installed and can treat pharyngitis. Because in the whole process of medical treatment for pharyngitis patients, the indiscriminate use of various antibacterial drugs is very likely to cause serious damage to the patient’s gastrointestinal and stomach. The spleen is the foundation of the acquired nature and the source of blood gas biochemistry. If the spleen deficiency biochemistry is insufficient, the throat will be weakened, sore throat, dry throat discomfort and other symptoms will occur. Therefore, it is very good for patients with pharyngitis to use an ultrasonic nebulizer for treatment. The selection of throat is very effective in repairing the throat.

Nebulizers are very important to us, whether it is to treat coughs or pharyngitis. So we have to choose the atomizer carefully. For more information about the atomizer, you can check here: boxym

In additions to, Treatment after nebulization: After nebulization, the sputum is diluted, and the sputum adhering to the trachea and bronchial walls can be shed off by external forces such as a pat on the back, which is beneficial to the discharge of sputum. Therefore, after the end of the nebulization, parents can pat their child on the back. When patting the back, gather your five fingers together into a hollow shape, and pat gently from top to bottom and from outside to inside. At the same time, you should rinse your mouth and wipe the outside of the nose and mouth with water after atomization. To reduce the side effects of residual drugs.

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