How can I be sure that I have chronic pharyngitis?

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With the fast pace of people’s lives, sub-health becomes more and more obvious. 60%-70% of people suffer from varying degrees of pharyngitis, of which the incidence of chronic pharyngitis has reached 30%-50%.

What is chronic pharyngitis?

Chronic pharyngitis is chronic inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa, submucosa and lymphatic tissues. Diffuse pharyngeal inflammation is often part of the chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract; localized pharyngeal inflammation is mostly inflammation of the pharyngeal lymphatic tissue. This disease is common in clinic, with a long course, and the symptoms are easy to recur.

Chronic pharyngitis may be caused by inflammation in the throat or adjacent parts, “allergies” or sub-healthy constitution, long-term excessive use of the throat, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and other factors. Many people think that pharyngitis is a “minor disease” and do not pay attention to it. However, the condition is mild and severe, and the course of the disease can last for several months and years, which will undoubtedly affect normal life and work. How can we prevent and treat this annoying disease? Let’s learn about it with everyone today.

What are the symptoms of chronic pharyngitis?

Symptom 1: Foreign body sensation in the throat:

A foreign body sensation in the throat refers to something stuck, stuck, or stuck in the throat. What is it? Many patients can’t explain it clearly. There are also people who say things like “sticky sputum”, like “ant crawling”, like “burning”, “hot up”, “like hot pepper”, and other feelings, etc. . This feeling, the more you notice it, the more obvious.

Symptom 2: dry throat:

According to different people’s feelings, some people feel very dry, but most people only feel slightly dry.

Symptom 3: Sore throat:

In most cases, the pain is more obvious during an acute attack, but not milder during an acute attack. Some people have a sore throat on one side, some people have a sore throat, and some people only say that they have a sore throat, but cannot point to the specific location. However, doctors tend to conduct more comprehensive and careful examinations for patients who have pain in a certain fixed part to rule out other diseases.

Symptom 4: Itchy throat:

The sensation of itchy throat is also a kind of “foreign body sensation in the throat”, which is very similar to the feeling of “ant crawling” and can easily cause coughing. Coughing is a self-protective instinct of the human body, which is to cough up uncomfortable things in the lungs, trachea, and throat; because of this, coughing becomes a symptom of disease in the lungs, trachea, or throat.

Symptom 5. Coughing:

Coughing is a self-protective instinctive action of the human body, which is to cough up uncomfortable things in the lungs, trachea, and throat; because of this, coughing also becomes a problem in the lungs, trachea, or throat. Symptoms of the disease. If the pharynx is itchy, itching will result in paroxysmal cough, less phlegm, and more often accompanied by allergic pharyngitis.

Symptom 6. Frequent “clear throat” or “half-sound cough”:

It is caused by foreign body sensation, or a bad habit is formed. Clearing the throat means that when the patient feels uncomfortable in the throat, he consciously or consciously deliberately “clicks” to make the throat comfortable; half-acoustic cough refers to the patient unconsciously or unconsciously when the throat is uncomfortable “Cough”, and didn’t actively cough.

How to treat chronic pharyngitis?

1. Remove the cause

Quit smoking and alcohol, and actively treat the primary disease causing chronic pharyngitis (acute pharyngitis, chronic inflammation of the nose and nasopharynx, reflux gastroesophageal disease, improvement of work and living environment).

2. Lifestyle changes

Proper physical exercise, normal work and rest, light diet, and maintaining a good mental state can improve the local functional state of the pharyngeal mucosa by enhancing the overall immune function of the body.

3. Local treatment

For chronic simple pharyngitis, gargle with compound borax and nitrofural solution to keep the mouth and pharynx clean; or take iodine lozenges, peppermint lozenges and other throat lozenges to treat chronic inflammation of the pharynx; Pharyngitis also has a certain curative effect; topical use of compound iodine glycerin, 5% silver nitrate solution or 10% weak protein silver solution is applied to the pharynx, which has astringent and anti-inflammatory effects; ultrasonic atomization can relieve the symptoms of chronic pharyngitis; generally no antibiotic treatment is required .

Chronic simple pharyngitis can be relieved until cured after controlling various pathogenic factors, maintaining good living habits and applying various treatments, otherwise it may persist into chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis; chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis and chronic atrophic or chronic dry pharyngitis The treatment effect is not good, and the symptoms are easy to repeat; the symptoms of chronic allergic pharyngitis can be relieved to disappear after the allergen is removed; the symptoms of chronic reflux pharyngitis can be significantly relieved until cured after the gastroesophageal reflux is controlled.

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