How many blood pressure measurements are appropriate every day?

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Blood Pressure

1. Frequency of self-test blood pressure

If the blood pressure is up to the standard and stable, generally self-test blood pressure once a week; if the blood pressure is not up to the standard or unstable, increase the number of self-test blood pressure.

It is recommended that normal adults measure blood pressure at least once a year;

People at high risk of chronic diseases with blood pressure levels of 130~139/85~89mmHg should have their blood pressure measured at least once every six months.

Is the value measured by the electronic sphygmomanometer accurate?

As long as the electronic sphygmomanometer has been verified by international standards, its accuracy can be trusted. Due to the potential threat of mercury leakage in traditional sphygmomanometers, electronic sphygmomanometers have gradually become the main tool for blood pressure measurement.

Electronic sphygmomanometers are divided into arm sphygmomanometers and wrist sphygmomanometers.

The arm sphygmomanometer is more accurate. But the wrist sphygmomanometer is more convenient, suitable for office workers, people who travel frequently, or patients who need to measure many times a day.

Wrist sphygmomanometers are not suitable for people suffering from diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and other diseases. Because these people’s wrist blood pressure and the blood pressure measurement of the upper arm have a large error.

2. Who is not suitable to use an electronic blood pressure monitor?

There are mainly includings:

Obesity; arrhythmia; patients with extremely weak pulse, severe dyspnea, and hypothermia; patients with a heart rate lower than 40 beats/min and higher than 240 beats/min; patients with severe hemorrhage, hypovolemia, shock, and other rapid changes in blood pressure; patients with Parkinson’s disease.

3. There are the newest blood pressure monitor in Boxym:

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