How to choose an electronic sphygmomanometer?

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Blood Pressure

The traditional mercury column type sphygmomanometer has high accuracy in measuring pressure, but it requires certain medical knowledge to use it. Therefore, the electronic sphygmomanometer is recommended for home use

Why buy an upper arm model?

Electronic sphygmomanometers are divided into arm type and wrist type

The arm type measures the aorta, which is not much different from the traditional mercury sphygmomanometer, and the measurement accuracy is good.

Wrist style is useful but very limited. Because of the problem of aging of the blood vessels in the wrists of middle-aged and elderly people, the measurement value has a large error; at the same time, it is not suitable for people with blood circulation disorders, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension.

So it is recommended to choose the upper arm type!

Why should there be three functions of wearing self-checking, misoperation prompt, and memory value?

The inaccuracy of the electronic sphygmomanometer is often caused by improper operation of the user, and the blood pressure is not measured once at the same time. The average blood pressure value of 4-5 times a day is the best reference value. Function is important

Wearing self-test function: users will be prompted if they are not worn properly to avoid inaccurate measurement results

Malfunction reminder function: There will be a reminder if there are irregular actions in the measurement, to avoid inaccurate measurement results.

Memory value function: It can record the blood pressure value measured by the user. Some products can record 30 times, some 60 times, some 90 times, and 120 times.

An accurate electronic sphygmomanometer should be an upper-arm type, with self-checking function, malfunction prompt function and memorizing measurement value function.

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