How to choose an oxygen concentrator for COPD?

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What is COPD?

That is, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is characterized by incompletely reversible airflow limitation. COPD airflow limitation is often progressively aggravated, and is accompanied by abnormal lung inflammation reactions to harmful particles or gases, mainly caused by smoking. Although COPD directly affects the lungs, it can also cause significant systemic effects. COPD is closely related to chronic bronchitis and emphysema.


① Cough

Most of them are coughing in the morning, mild during the day, and coughing before going to bed. In mild cases, the onset occurs when the climate becomes colder or sudden changes, and it becomes less or disappears when the climate becomes warmer; in severe cases, cough is aggravated in winter and

② expectoration

In the morning, there are more sputum excretion, mostly white mucus or foamy, mucus purulent sputum or yellow sputum may appear when secondary bacterial infections; severe coughing can cause bronchial mucosal blood vessels to rupture, and sputum with bloodshot eyes.

③ Asthma

Wheezing may occur after severe coughing. And when there is emphysema, symptoms of shortness of breath may appear in different degrees. At first, it is shortness of breath after work or activities, and then it develops into shortness of breath after exercise, and it is difficult to take care of yourself.

④ Rehabilitation

First, pay attention to a comprehensive and reasonable diet in terms of diet. For patients with no other systemic diseases (such as diabetic nephropathy, etc.), foods that are high in sugar, high in protein, and rich in vitamins (including vitamin A) are usually the main ones, and they can drink a little. If there are other system diseases, consider comprehensively.

⑤ Exercise

The lung function of patients with simple chronic bronchitis is basically normal, and the stabilizer of the disease has a good tolerance to exercise, and has a wide choice of exercise methods. The amount of exercise is mainly adjusted by personal subjective symptoms; patients with asthmatic bronchitis have certain This degree of lung function is impaired, and the tolerance to strenuous activities is poor. Choose the exercise method according to your physical condition.

⑥ Nursing

Early diagnosis and early treatment; pay attention to keep warm; strengthen home care; oxygen therapy.

The principle of oxygen generator

The oxygen generator adopts the adsorption performance of molecular sieve, and through physical principles, uses an oil-free compressor as the power to separate nitrogen and other gases in the air from oxygen, and finally obtain more than 90% of oxygen.

According to the principle of oxygen production: molecular sieve principle, polymer oxygen-enriched membrane principle, electrolysis water principle, chemical reaction oxygen production principle, etc.;

According to the oxygen concentration classification: health care oxygen generator medical grade oxygen generator; according to the flow classification: 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 liters, 5 liters, 9 liters, 10 liters;

Classification according to the oxygen production mode: continuous oxygen supply and pulse oxygen production;

Applicable people: 1L oxygen generator 1L oxygen generator is an oxygen generator with a maximum oxygen output of 1L/min under the premise that the oxygen concentration reaches the standard. The price of this type of oxygen generator is relatively low. It is suitable for pregnant women who need general oxygen inhalation and mental workers (such as students and company white-collar workers) who need to work for a long time. They are mainly used for health care. Generally, oxygen therapy can be performed for about 30 minutes. , Relieve temporary fatigue, more energetic.

3L oxygen generator 3L oxygen generator can reach the standard of medical oxygen, the maximum oxygen output is 3L/min, that is to say, the oxygen flow can be adjusted in the interval of 0~3L/min. min flow rate, otherwise the output oxygen is unstable. The price of this type of oxygen generator varies from brand to brand. Generally, it is around 2,000 to 4,000. It is suitable for the elderly at home to take oxygen or have some chronic diseases (such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular hypoxic diseases, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, Obesity, etc.) patients with oxygen therapy at home. The main purpose is to increase blood oxygen saturation and prevent the occurrence of some other diseases.

When the oxygen concentration reaches the standard, the maximum oxygen output can reach 5L/min. Suitable for patients with cardiopulmonary functional diseases (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary heart disease).

Three key points of choosing an oxygen generator

① Choose according to physical needs: disease treatment or health care and oxygen inhalation;

② Choose according to product quality: professionalism, warranty time, brand, main accessories;

③ Choose according to product function: real-time display of oxygen concentration and atomization;

④ Choose according to economic capacity: domestic or imported

Four purchase options for COPD COPD diease?

① Brand history

② Professional service provider

③ Whether the after-sales team is timely and effective

④ Whether the oxygen concentration can be stably and continuously above 90%

⑤ Choose an oxygen generator with multiple filtration levels.

⑥ Involving long-term use, try to choose a low-noise oxygen generator.

⑦ Whether it can run stably for a long time

⑧ Flow rate from 5L

Standardized treatment is required for COPD. Oxygen therapy is one of the most important contents. It should not be ignored. Treat oxygen therapy correctly to allow users to breathe freely and comfortably.

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