How to use a sphygmomanometer correctly?

by | Mar 29, 2021 | BP Monitors

A sphygmomanometer is a common medical appliance in the family. It can help people monitor whether their blood pressure is at a normal level at any time, so that everyone has a general understanding of their health. But do you know how to use a sphygmomanometer correctly?

1. Before measuring blood pressure, the subject should sit still for 15 minutes and keep a calm mood, so that the measured value is the most accurate. If you want to determine whether you have high blood pressure, you should take measurements at the same time period for three consecutive days, and the results obtained are diagnostically meaningful.

2. The sphygmomanometer should be placed on a water platform, as tilting will affect its accuracy. The measuring arm should be basically at the same level as the blood pressure monitor and the heart.

3. When tying the cuff, find out the position of the brachial artery. The lower edge of the cuff is from the two transverse fingers of the strongest point of pulsation. The cuff is tight enough to be able to extend two fingers.

4. When measuring blood pressure, the ear piece of the stethoscope should not be inserted into the cuff, but exposed directly on the brachial artery pulse point, so that the measured blood pressure value will be more accurate, otherwise it will be high.

5. If you don’t hear clearly the first time, you can perform the measurement again after exhausting the gas in the cuff, but you cannot measure three or more consecutive times. You must let the testee take a rest before taking the measurement.

6. After the blood pressure measurement is completed, if it is a sphygmomanometer with a mercury switch, tilt it to the right at an angle of 45° to allow the mercury to flow back into the tank, then close the switch, and then close the lid. If it does not require mercury reflux, just close it directly.

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