Is the electronic sphygmomanometer accurate?

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Blood Pressure

Is the electronic sphygmomanometer accurate?

Although electronic sphygmomanometers are recommended around the world, everyone still wonders: how accurate is the electronic sphygmomanometer? In principle, the electronic sphygmomanometer measures blood pressure accurately. But the reality is that many people use electronic sphygmomanometers to measure blood pressure is inaccurate. Why?

1. Inappropriate type

There are many types of electronic sphygmomanometers, mainly finger type, wrist type, and upper arm type. Among them, the finger-type electronic sphygmomanometer has the lowest accuracy and is not recommended for purchase; the wrist-type electronic sphygmomanometer is relatively accurate and is suitable for young people and healthy people; the upper-arm electronic sphygmomanometer has the highest accuracy and is the Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis and other diseases) the first choice. In general, it is recommended to buy an upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer directly.

2. have not been calibrated for a long time

Both electronic sphygmomanometers and mercury sphygmomanometers must be calibrated regularly, and the calibration period is generally half a year. The core component of the electronic sphygmomanometer is the pressure sensor. Its performance has the characteristics of drifting with time. If it is not verified for a long time, the indication may be inaccurate and there are great hidden dangers. Therefore, it needs to be tested regularly.

3. improper operation

If the problem of the equipment is ruled out, the inaccurate blood pressure value is probably related to improper operation. A customer once bought an electronic sphygmomanometer in a store. When he went home to take a blood pressure measurement, he found that it was very different from the value measured by the hospital and asked for a refund. It turned out that his measurement method was wrong, and the cuff was too tight, which caused the blood pressure to be low. The correct use of upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer is as follows:

(1) Relax your body and wear a cuff. Do not exercise vigorously before measurement, drink coffee, tea, cola, alcohol or other irritating foods such as peppers and onions; choose a quiet place and tie the cuff 1-2 cm above the elbow joint. The band is tight so that it can be inserted into a finger. Too loose may lead to high blood pressure, and too tight may lead to low blood pressure.

(2) Press the start key to automatically measure. When measuring, you can choose a sitting or lying position, with your palms facing up, so that your palms, elbows, and chest are on the same level; keep quiet throughout the process, relax your body, breathe evenly, don’t talk, and don’t move your body at will.

(3) Read the value and record the value. After the measurement, the value of this measurement will be displayed on the LCD screen, recorded, and compared with the last measurement result. Some electronic sphygmomanometers can store multiple values to facilitate monitoring of blood pressure.

All in all, the accuracy of a qualified electronic sphygmomanometer is still very high, but everyone must master the correct measurement method to avoid errors.

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