Lung Cancer In Women

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The disease may present differently in females, Lung cancer is a malignant disease with a very high fatality rate, and it is also the number one cancer killer. In recent years, lung cancer has become a major disease that endangers women’s health and has become another major “killer of death” besides modern female gynecological diseases. So, why do so many women suffer from lung cancer? Let me tell you.

Symptoms of lung cancer in women

If a female patient develops lung cancer, pay attention to the following points for the early symptoms:

1. Long-lasting Cough

Cough is one of the most common symptoms of lung cancer, especially in patients with central lung cancer. If older women experience repeated irritating dry coughs, beware of this situation.

2. Unexplained blood in sputum

Blood in sputum is also common in central lung cancer. If there is a small amount of blood in the sputum and the repeated bad, be aware of this situation.

3. Chest tightness

If there is chest tightness and asthma on one side of the chest, we must be vigilant in this regard to prevent pleural effusion. If there is increasing hoarseness. Also, consider.

4. Persistent chest pain

There are persistent chest pains of unknown cause. In this case, peripheral lung cancer has invaded the chest wall. Be vigilant in this situation. But the last point to emphasize is that many women in the early stage of lung cancer, such as invasive microadenocarcinoma, or even invasive small adenocarcinoma, may not have any symptoms. At this time, screening for early lung cancer, such as low-dose chest CT once a year, is even more serious.

5. Lung Cancer produces hemoptysis

The early cough of lung cancer is usually choking, it is an irritating cough, and another is coughing up blood. During the coughing process, there will be some blood streaks in the sputum, and even a whole mouthful of blood will come out.

6. Low fever

There is also a low-grade fever. Our cough is getting worse. After some simple treatments and taking some cough medicines or related cold remedies, the cough is not relieved and continues to worsen. At this time, fever is also present. Some patients with this kind of fever buy some medicine by themselves. After treatment, the fever is relieved, but when it recurs after two days, be careful that the nature of the disease may have changed.

Causes of Lung Cancer in Women

1. Kitchen fume

Kitchen fume can increase the risk of lung cancer in women. Women cooking in the kitchen for a long time, often in an environment with poor ventilation, accompanied by heavy oil fume, are extremely prone to lung cancer. Especially cooking methods under high temperature conditions such as frying, frying, and stir-frying will emit more oil fume, and these oil fume particles have the risk of cancer. For a long time such women are more likely to suffer from lung cancer.

2. Active smoking and passive smoking

Smoking is a direct cause of lung cancer. Many women are now reduced to passive smoking. While many male friends are smoking, female friends actually smoke “second-hand smoke” together. In addition, some women have developed the habit of smoking to reduce pressure due to heavy pressure in life, work, and emotions. However, whether it is active smoking or passive smoking, the carcinogens in cigarettes are extremely harmful to the human body.

3. Estrogen influence

Studies have found that another important factor affecting lung cancer is estrogen. Estrogen can accelerate the growth of lung cancer. If women’s menstrual cycle is prolonged and the menstrual period is longer, the incidence of lung cancer in women will be higher.

4. Environmental factors

Women who live in environments such as industrial waste gas, automobile waste gas, and smog pollution for a long time can easily induce lung cancer. Therefore, female friends should try to avoid these areas and take measures to deal with them.

Treatment of lung cancer in Women

1. Female friends should try to avoid smoking occasions, avoid passive smoking, and actively stay away from “second-hand smoke” occasions. Other ways to regulate stress in life, such as listening to music, walking, traveling, etc., try to avoid smoking to reduce stress.

2. To improve the kitchen environment at home, install a range hood with a better function of absorbing oil fume to reduce the inhalation of oil fume. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the ventilation space and improve the cooking method.

3. female friends should abandon bad eating habits in their diet, eat less fried foods, and eat less high-sugar, spicy foods. Properly supplement vitamin E and vitamin A, you can also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, apples, spinach, etc.

In addition, reasonable and healthy exercise can improve human immunity and help prevent lung cancer.

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