Precautions for the use of a sphygmomanometer

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Blood Pressure

1.Because of the blood flow direction, the blood pressure measured by the left hand and the right hand is usually somewhat different; usually, the blood pressure value of the left hand will be slightly higher than that of the right hand, but the difference is normal in the range of 10~20mmHg. However, the high measurement data should be used for recording. Prevail. If the difference between the hands is more than 40-50mmHg, it may be that the blood vessel is blocked. It is best to consult a doctor to find out the cause.

2. It is not advisable to measure blood pressure only once. You should measure your blood pressure several times a day and record it so that you can understand the changes in your blood pressure during the day.

3. Commercial sphygmomanometers are mostly electronic, and their measurement results are usually slightly higher than traditional mercury sphygmomanometers. Electronic sphygmomanometers are divided into two types: wrist type and arm type. Although the wrist type is more convenient to use, it is usually far from the heart and the measurement results vary greatly. It is recommended to test on the spot when purchasing. The measured results are not much different, and both can be used; if the difference is large, it is better to choose the arm type.

4. Before and after the mercury sphygmomanometer is used, medical staff should always pay attention to check the blood pressure status to keep the scale clear. The pipe column should be cleaned regularly with a cleaning rod. There should be no bubbles when the pressure is around 200 mmgH. If there are bubbles during the pressure process, the pressure should be stopped. Carry out inspection and maintenance

5. It’s best to measure your blood pressure in a relaxed mood in your own home because when some people measure their blood pressure in a medical institution, they will feel nervous when facing medical staff in white, which will increase their blood pressure. The medical term is “white-clothed hypertension. Symptoms”, measuring blood pressure at home can overcome the occurrence of this situation.

6. Traditional mercury sphygmomanometers are affected by thermal expansion and contraction and should be calibrated to zero on average every six months.

7. Electronic sphygmomanometers are affected by the aging of components, etc., and need to be calibrated every year on average.

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