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Medical nebulizers are mainly used to treat various upper and lower respiratory diseases, such as colds, fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumoconiosis and other diseases that occur in the trachea, bronchi, alveoli, and chest cavity. Nebulized inhalation therapy is an important and effective treatment method in the treatment of respiratory diseases. A nebulizer is used to atomize the liquid medicine into tiny particles, and the medicine enters the respiratory tract and lungs by breathing inhalation, so as to achieve painlessness. , The purpose of rapid and effective treatment.

Nebulizer Type:

There are three main nebulizer principles used, one is an ultrasonic nebulizer, one is a compressed nebulizer, and the other is a mesh nebulizer.

1. Ultrasonic nebulizer: Use the principle of ultrasonic to atomize the liquid medicine.

The nebulizer of the ultrasonic nebulizer is not selective to the mist particles, so most of the drug particles produced can only be deposited in the upper respiratory tract such as the mouth and throat, and because the amount of deposition in the lungs is small, it cannot effectively treat lower respiratory tract diseases. At the same time, due to the large and fast atomization produced by the ultrasonic nebulizer, the patient inhales too much water vapor, which humidifies the respiratory tract. The dry and thick secretions in the respiratory tract that originally partially blocked the bronchus swell after absorbing water and enlarge the respiratory tract. Resistance may cause hypoxia, and the ultrasonic atomizer will cause the liquid medicine to form drops and hang on the inner cavity wall, which is not effective for lower respiratory tract diseases, and the demand for medicine is large, resulting in waste.

2. Fold Nebulizer Compression

Air compression atomizer: also called jet atomization, it is based on the principle of Venturi, which uses compressed air to form a high-speed air flow through a small nozzle, and the negative pressure generated drives the liquid or other fluids to be sprayed onto the barrier. , Splashing to the surroundings under high-speed impact to make the droplets become mist-like particles ejected from the air outlet pipe.

The gas compression nebulizer has the following advantages:

1). High-efficiency oil-free piston compressor, no cooling water during atomization, daily maintenance-free, simpler and more convenient operation; atomization of the original drug, no dilution, good clinical effect; almost no drug residue, high drug utilization rate ;

2). It is more convenient to operate and use. The product is equipped with a 2-meter trachea, which has a lot of room for movement and can be used for sitting and lying. The atomization component is light and easy to wear and hold;

3). The atomization uses the original medicine atomization, the amount of atomization inhaled within the relative treatment time is appropriate, it is not easy to cause the inner wall of the trachea to swell, cause the trachea to block, the atomized particles are ultra-fine, and are not easy to collide and combine, and the human body is comfortable to inhale , And can enter the bronchus, lungs and other trachea, the clinical effect is excellent, especially suitable for the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases;

4). Purely mechanical products, with extremely low failure rate, low maintenance cost, long service life, and normal use for 5 to 10 years.

3. Net Nebulizer

Through the up and down vibration of the vibrator, the liquid medicine is squeezed out through the holes of the nozzle-type net spray head, and sprayed by the micro ultrasonic vibration and the net spray head structure.

When purchasing a compressed nebulizer, pay attention to the following points:

1). Noise: The noise of the Nebulizer is an important indicator of its quality

The loud noise will affect the mood of the patients who are already bad.

The noise of compressed nebulizer sold on the market is mostly around 80 decibels, while the noise of good quality compressed nebulizers should be within 65 decibels.

Noisy machines can generally be felt, and the manufacturer will not indicate the noise value of the machine. For machines with low noise, the manufacturer will mark it.

2). Vibration: Accompanying noise is vibration

Generally speaking, if the noise is loud, the vibration must not be small. So the accompanying noise is vibration of the nebulizer.

3). Heat: Along with the above-mentioned noise and vibration, it is heat generation.

Machines with high noise and vibration must generate more heat.

In fact, the above three items are all energy losses. Therefore, the nominal power of the compressed nebulizer is not as large as possible.

For machines with high power but high noise (large vibration and heat), most of its energy is wasted.

4). Nebulizer particles:

The size is directly related to the nebulizer effect. Smaller (less than 2.5μm) atomized particles can reach the lower respiratory tract and alveoli. Generally, the specifications provided by the manufacturer have a label indicating the size of the nebulizer particle, and the nebulizer Particle labeling generally involves the size of the drug particles, the average particle size (MMAD), the average median size (MMD), etc. The size of the nebulizer particles is affected by two factors: the compressor and the atomizing cup. The compressor provides air with a constant pressure. , The process of the nebulizer cup determines the level of excitation particle size.

5). Nebulizer Portability: the smaller the size, the better

When used at home, the size of the nebulizer is also a factor that household users need to consider. Smaller size means more convenient to carry. If you need to travel during the nebulization treatment, you need more attention.

BOXYM Portable Nebulizer for Asthma COPD Household for Kids and Adults. The atomization inhalation method utilizes a high-speed oxygen gas flow to form a mist of the drug solution, which is then inhaled by the respiratory tract to achieve the purpose of treatment. Treats respiratory infections and eliminates inflammation and edema. Interpretation. Thinning the sputum to help remove sputum.

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