The correct operation method of household oxygen generator

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Today, we want to share something about the correct operation method of household oxygen generator. The development speed of modern technology is getting faster and faster, and the functions of medical equipment are getting more and more powerful. Many families already have their own home oxygen generator. This oxygen generator, which could only be seen in hospitals, is now slowly Accepted by the family. In clinical terms, oxygen can also be regarded as a kind of medicine, used to correct pathological hypoxia, as a means of auxiliary treatment of diseases, called oxygen therapy; used for first aid for critically ill patients and accident victims, called oxygen emergency; It is used to supplement the physiological hypoxia of heavy mental workers, the elderly, pregnant women and patients in the recovery period of chronic diseases, and to supplement various environmental hypoxia. As the prevention of hypoxia, it is called oxygen health care. The following patients and groups can use home oxygen inhalation facilities under the guidance of a doctor:

1. Patients generally suffering from lung diseases, such as patients with chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary insufficiency. However, due to the different types of diseases, the combined conditions of hypoxia are different in these patients, and the doctor’s guidance on oxygen use should be strictly followed.

2. For patients with frequent headaches or migraines, oxygen inhalation treatment in time when the aura appears or occurs can significantly relieve the condition.

3. For those who work and study in the office for a long time, timely low-flow oxygen inhalation and coordinating certain indoor activities can also effectively relieve brain fatigue and improve work and study efficiency.

4. Patients suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially elderly people suffering from coronary heart disease and insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Therefore, in this stressful modern society, the home oxygen generator is liked by many people, and it can be suitable for many people. However, the home oxygen generator must first be able to inhale oxygen under the guidance of doctors and other professionals. Yes, if there is no doctor’s cause, it is usually recommended to inhale oxygen at a low flow rate and low concentration. It is best to inhale oxygen for no more than 2 hours.

How to use a household oxygen generator?

1. Tighten the lid of the humidification cup onto the humidification water tank, and put the humidification water tank back into the machine.

2. Connect the power supply: Connect one end of the power cord to the power socket of the oxygen generator, and connect the other end of the plug to a socket with power output.

3. Press the power switch to “〡”, press the “oxygen production” button on the control panel, the display shows the oxygen flow, oxygen concentration, timing time and cumulative time, and the oxygen generator enters the normal operating state. When the oxygen generator is working, it makes a “chi” sound every few seconds, which is a normal ventilation sound.

Oxygen inhalation operation of oxygen generator

1. Press the “oxygen production” button on the control panel and click the “flow” button to adjust to the required flow rate, and the oxygen concentration corresponding to the flow rate will be displayed on the display. At the same time, bubbles should emerge from the water tank. The oxygen outlet of the humidifying water tank should have oxygen output

2. Connect one end of the oxygen inhalation tube to the oxygen outlet of the humidification tank, and the other end (oxygen inhalation head or nasal inhalation head end) and wear it to the user to start oxygen inhalation

What is the atomization function of the oxygen generator?

Take out the atomization kit and add a proper amount of liquid medicine to the atomization cup (please follow the doctor’s advice), not exceeding the maximum scale line of the atomization cup.

Before starting the machine, unscrew the atomization plug of the atomization port of the main unit counterclockwise, and connect the two ends of the tube to the atomization cup and the atomization port of the main unit respectively.

Turn on the power switch of the main unit and click the “oxygen production” button on the control panel to start nebulization therapy. (Please follow the doctor’s advice for the atomization time)

After atomization, unplug the atomization tube and tighten the atomization plug.

Oxygen generator self-time setting This machine has a timing function,

If the user needs, press the timer button on the control panel to set it within the range of 30 minutes-4 hours 00 minutes.

1. When the machine is turned on for the first time, the display shows “Timing Time-Hours-Minutes”, indicating that the timer shutdown function is not set, and it is in continuous operation until the switch is turned off.

2. Each time you press the “timing” button, the display number will increase by 30 minutes, which means the running time will increase by 30 minutes. If you press and hold it for more than 1.5 seconds, the display number will continue to increase until you release it.

3. The oxygen generator will automatically shut down after the set time. At this time, the display shows “timing time 00:00”. Press the timer button to reset the boot time.

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