What is Tracheitis, including signs and symptoms?

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Tracheitis is an infection that affects the breathing tube and windpipe known as the trachea caused by viruses or bacteria. Tracheitis is common in small children and makes it difficult to breathe properly. Other than viruses and bacteria, inhaling sulfur dioxide and dense smoke can also injure the lining of Tracheitis and make the person more vulnerable to viruses. It is necessary to provide effective and rapid treatment to patients; usually, children suffering from it might even need to be admitted to the hospital.

Causes of Tracheitis:

Below mentioned are some of the predisposing factors that might affect Tracheitis:

  • A viral infection might affect the upper airway of the patient.
  • Children between 3-8 years are more vulnerable to it.

Tracheitis is more prevalent in boys than in girls, making male children more vulnerable. Not just this, if Tracheitis is not effectively diagnosed, it might also lead the child to get medical care and breathing support.

Tracheitis usually happens after an upper respiratory infection like the flu. These viruses affect and damage the trachea membrane, making the body more sensitive and vulnerable to infections. Children who are healthy and are diagnosed at an early stage recover quickly.

Signs and Symptoms of Tracheitis:

The signs and symptoms of Tracheitis vary from person to person. The symptoms of Tracheitis begin as a typical viral upper respiratory infection, and this stage might last for three days, but if not treated, the symptoms become severe. These symptoms include:

  • High Fever, which is usually greater than 39C.
  • Cough
  • Thick mucus
  • Fatigue
  • The child may also suffer from breathing issues.
  • In the worst-case scenario, the child might also get blue lips, which shows that the breathing ability of the child is deteriorating and needs medical care.

Treatment of Tracheitis:

For treating Tracheitis, the patient needs to drink more fluid and rest. Moreover, the patient might be prescribed antibiotics or medication for the cough, which will help ease the uneasiness and sleep. The patient might be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in the worst-case scenario.

Nebulizer treatment:

The most effective way of treating Tracheitis is through a nebulizer. A nebulizer helps the patient inhale steroids. A nebulizer is a small portable machine used to inhale prescribed medical drugs. A nebulizer helps reduce the inflammation in the membrane and helps the body in the healing process. Furthermore, nebulizer treatment drastically reduces the cough and breathing issues that the patient suffers from due to Tracheitis. The doctor only prescribes nebulizer treatment, and it is better not to use it without a doctor’s prescription. Nebulizers are convenient to use, especially in babies and small children who might not be able to use inhalers effectively.  

Role of Nebulizer in treating tracheitis:

Nebulizer plays a significant role in treating Tracheitis, as it effectively converts the liquid into mist, which is a quick way of providing medication to the lungs. The doctor prescribes the use of a nebulizer, and it helps relax the muscles around the bronchi, which further widens the bronchi and allows the lungs to drain the mucus and provide relief from the inflammation caused. Some people might find it challenging to inhale these medications, which is why doctors suggest using a nebulizer, which is easy to use and practical at the same time.

How to use a nebulizer:

The doctor prescribes the use of a nebulizer. It is generally used for 10-15 minutes at one time. The mask attached to the nebulizer delivers the medication after converting the liquid to mist into the mouth of the patient. The patient, during this time, needs to breathe slowly and deeply, to allow the medication to reach the lungs.

BOXYM nebulizer is one of the best nebulizer options for kids and adults. Furthermore, the Micron mesh technology used in the BOXYM nebulizer effectively creates the finest mist. BOXYM nebulizers are also effective in treating respiratory infections and Tracheitis. The best part about the BOXYM nebulizer is that it is portable and easy to use.


Tracheitis is most common in children and should be treated immediately; if not treated effectively might cause severe health issues. Doctors prescribe different antibiotics and use nebulizers to treat Tracheitis. Nebulizers are easy to use and effective for children and adults who might have difficulty using the inhalers. Furthermore, it is beneficial for patients suffering from Tracheitis to intake more fluids. Moreover, a nebulizer is not a breathing machine, unlike an oxygen concentrator. It is used to convert liquid medication into the mist to effectively provide medicines to the patient’s lungs to ease the uneasiness caused by Tracheitis. Lastly, do not use a nebulizer without a doctor’s prescription. It is necessary to treat tracheitis aggressively, and the use of a nebulizer helps in doing as it reduces the inflammation caused by tracheitis.

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