What should be paid attention to during the COVID-19?

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Now the epidemic is getting worse and the weather is getting colder and colder. During the epidemic, how should we protect ourselves? These important measures must be grasped well.

1. Pay attention to Personal Hygiene

Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, wear gloves, and avoid contact and spread. Always wear a mask when going out, and wash your hands frequently after touching foreign objects. Wear gloves and avoid direct contact with foreign objects.

You must wear a mask when you go out. This has become a hidden rule, and it is even more necessary for people returning. In addition to wearing a mask, if you choose public transportation to return, you must also wear gloves to avoid Direct contact with the disabled in public facilities. And to wash your hands frequently, it is best to bring hand-washing dry-cleaning liquid at any time, or bring a 75% alcohol-free hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and soap.

2. Maintain the internal circulation of the car

The car’s air-conditioning filter cannot prevent the inflow of viruses. Therefore, if someone is already infected in a traffic jam, it is likely that the virus will flow into the car. Therefore, in traffic jams or toll stations, never open the outer loop, and use the inner loop at this time. And when it is relatively unobstructed at high speed, it can be adjusted to the outer circulation to maintain the air circulation in the car. Remember, before entering a traffic jam or entering a toll station, you must turn on the internal circulation mode in advance. In addition, after returning, if you use peracetic acid or 84 disinfectant 1:100 dilution to disinfect the inside of the car, ventilate for a while after disinfection, otherwise the inside of the car will have a strong smell of alcohol.

3. Choose Public Transportation

If you choose public transportation to return, first of all, you must wear masks and gloves, and try not to let your skin come into direct contact with public facilities. And if you need to deal with staff, you must have a certain distance and do not face to face directly. If it is not necessary, do not talk or deal with people casually, and raise awareness of epidemic prevention. If you need to take a taxi, you must maintain ventilation in the car, allowing the driver to open some windows and open the internal circulation, but not when there is a traffic jam.

4. Personal cleaning

After returning, you must first disinfect your whole body. Destroy the masks and gloves you wear. Do not bring them into your home. Use disinfectant water to “baptize” your whole body. Remember to disinfect your shoes as well. The most important part. After entering the home, first, wash and disinfect the clothes you wear outside. When washing clothes, you can consider using the washing machine’s 95 ℃ high-temperature boiling function. If not, you can add some special disinfectant (non-84 disinfectant) when washing clothes.

In addition, we must visit less and pay attention to protection.

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