Which is better, oxygen generator or oxygen cylinder?

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If the elderly use oxygen cylinders for many years, can they be replaced by oxygen generators? Which is better, oxygen generator or oxygen cylinder? With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people are paying more and more attention to health. It is becoming more and more important to keep an oxygen generator at home. Next, we can take a closer look, which is better, the oxygen generator and our commonly used oxygen cylinder.

1. The effect comparison of oxygen generator and oxygen cylinder

Let’s talk about the oxygen inhalation effect first, this is the most important. Generally, the elderly at home use it all year round, and most of the elderly suffer from respiratory diseases, such as: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease and so on. This is collectively referred to as disease demand selection oxygen generator, so the effect of oxygen generation must be guaranteed. How to protect? It depends on the oxygen inhalation equipment. Needless to say, the oxygen concentration in the medical oxygen cylinder is more than 90%. Let’s talk about the advantages of oxygen generators. The biggest difference lies in the oxygen concentration, high-quality oxygen generators. The oxygen concentration of the machine can be stably maintained above 90% without attenuation. Therefore, choosing such an oxygen generator and an oxygen cylinder has no difference in the therapeutic effect and is very good. However, if you buy a poor-quality oxygen generator, such as: the oxygen concentration drops after a period of use; when various problems such as the inability to continuously start the machine, etc., it is better to use an oxygen cylinder.

2. The price cost comparison of oxygen generator and oxygen cylinder

After reading the results, we are more concerned about the price issue. The purchase cost of a high-quality household oxygen generator is 800-1500 US dollars. The number of uses shared by us is lower than the cost of using oxygen cylinders in hospitals. Therefore, it seems that the one-time input cost of the oxygen generator is relatively high, but it is still more cost-effective for people who inhale oxygen all year round. If it is for people who inhale oxygen for a short time or occasionally inhale oxygen, choose an oxygen cylinder, which is more economical than the system. Oxygen machine is more cost-effective.

3. Convenience and safety comparison between oxygen generator and oxygen cylinder

In terms of convenience, the oxygen generator is much higher than the oxygen cylinder. Because the raw material of the oxygen generator is air, the air is sucked in to produce oxygen, so as long as there is electricity, it is very troublesome to go to the hospital for oxygenation after the oxygen cylinder is used up. . In terms of safety, the oxygen generator is also based on oxygen cylinders. Everyone knows that oxygen is flammable and explosive. A large tank of oxygen is very dangerous to keep at home, and the oxygen generator needs to produce oxygen at any time, so it is still very safe. In addition, the oxygen cylinder is bulky and heavy, making it inconvenient to move. The oxygen cylinder is a high-pressure container. The oxygen cylinder must be filled with oxygen at a pressure of 150 atmospheres. At the same time, it must withstand external forces such as vibration, rolling, collision and impact during transportation.The oxygen generator can be used for a long time and does not need to be filled with oxygen like an oxygen cylinder.

Therefore, if you are not in an emergency department and use oxygen at home for chronic disease treatment, you can directly buy an oxygen generator for oxygen therapy at home.

How to chose the oxygen generator?

1. Compressor: The life of the oxygen generator is critical. When choosing an oxygen generator, it depends on what kind of functional compressor it is.

2. Molecular sieve: The end of life of an oxygen generator is generally a compressor, but when the machine is used in a humid or harsh environment, the oxygen generation effect of molecular sieve will often drop rapidly after about 1000 hours.

3. Electromagnetic/ventilating valve: the internal gas switching of the oxygen generator. In the early industry, the motor + valve valve was used in the early industry. The noise is good and the cost is low, but the valve wears quickly and the oxygen production effect is also reduced quickly; In the later period, in order to pursue high performance, solenoid valves were basically used as ventilation valves, but the noise was relatively high (the noise performance of the whole machine was not different). The purchase is to pay attention to the oxygen effect of the oxygen generation mechanism that uses the solenoid valve to be relatively efficient and long-lasting.

4. Power consumption: the embodiment of the calibration of various components. An oxygen generator shows good performance. Oxygen production and noise effects (ignoring the design of humidification, storage, etc.) are often the effect of debugging and coordination of various parts, just like buying a car. Only a good engine does not have a good gearbox, or a good engine and gearbox are not well tuned. The power consumption of the oxygen generator is a manufacturer’s mastery of the application of pressure swing adsorption technology. The power consumption can be compared when the amount of oxygen produced at the time of purchase is the same.

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