Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here, you will find a list of common questions posed by customers and visitors to our online shop. This is your best resource for finding answers to your questions outside of our office hours. Should you still not be able to find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. Additional information regarding our services can be found in our Service Centre.

About Ordering

Do I need to create an account or can I order as a guest?

It is not necessary to create an account with BOXYM, although there are many benefits in doing so. Benefits include the ability to review past and current orders, print invoices, return items and even place repeat orders.
Even if you place an order as a guest, you will still be able to register an account with us later.
Please contact us if you are having any difficulties registering for an account.

I need an official quote before I can order.

We’re no strangers to bureaucracy. If you need a quote before you can proceed with an order, please send us an email to and share with us your billing/shipping address, desired article number/s and quantity as well as your preferred method of payment.

I placed an order, but did not receive an order confirmation.

An order confirmation email is automatically sent immediately following a successfully submitted order. The most common reason for not receiving a confirmation email is an incorrectly input email address during the ordering process. Please contact us for help in correcting the email address.

To help us more easily locate your order, please provide us with any and all of the following information:

Order number (found on the order confirmation page after placing an order)
Name with which the order was placed
Intended email address used to place the order
Billing address or zip code
Article number/s ordered

My ordered item is in stock, but has not been shipped. Why?

Possible explanations in order of frequency of occurrence:

The item was indeed shipped, but you made a typo when inputting your email address; therefore, the automated shipping confirmation email was sent to the wrong email address. Please contact us with as much order information as you can provide and we will help get you on the right track.
Many items have multiple variants. While one version of the item may be in stock, your ordered version may not have been in stock when placing your order. It is important to note the stock availability* messages when switching between item variants. These appear next to the item as a green or yellow message.
You ordered a larger quantity than we had in stock* at the time and we are waiting on the arrival of the remaining items. If your order is urgent, please contact us so that we can come up with a solution for you.

*Please feel free to contact us for questions regarding stock availability. Please include the article number so that we can more easily help you. The article number appears under the item’s title, like this: Art. No. 123456.

About Shipping

Important: For queries regarding shipping, please keep in mind that

We cannot control or dictate the actions of the courier service
The information you see through the tracking link is the same information that we see
Regardless of which shipping service you use, delays can occur due to high shipping volume, holidays, construction work, etc. It is best to order as early as possible.
We will do our best to help solve delivery issues, but it is best to contact the courier directly. You will need to reference your tracking number when contacting the courier.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes. As a rule, we can ship to any country in the world. Even if your country is not listed as an option in our online shop, you may still place an order with us. To do so, please send an email to and include the following information, preferably in this format:

Billing address
Shipping address (if different than billing address)
Article number(s)/quantity of your chosen items (displayed as Art. No.: 000000)
Preferred payment method

Within the next 1-3 business days, you will receive a non-binding offer including shipping costs*.

*Shipping costs can only be calculated once all above information has been provided.

Full details regarding shipping and how to place an order for shipping outside of the EU can be found under our Shipping and Delivery Conditions.

How fast will I receive my order?

Depending on the country to which you are shipping your order, you could receive it in as little as 1 working day. You can find a table with complete information on shipping times under our Shipping and Delivery Conditions.

Do you offer express delivery?

Express delivery is currently only available for China and subject to stock availability. More information can be found under our Shipping and Delivery Conditions.

Has my order been shipped?

In addition to a shipping confirmation email with a delivery tracking link, your customer account will display your open orders and the shipping status of those orders. If you can see that your order has not yet been shipped, please feel free to contact us to check the shipping status. Please include the order number so that we can quickly get to the bottom of the delay.

If you did not receive a shipping confirmation email, it could also be a result of an incorrectly input email address during the order process. If you do not have your order number, please provide us with any and all of the following information so that we can more easily locate your order:

Name with which the order was placed
Intended email address used to place the order
Billing address or zip code
Article number/s ordered

My order has been shipped, but when can I expect delivery? / How can I track my order?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that will include a tracking link. This will allow you to follow your delivery every step of the way. By downloading the free DPD Predict app, you can also make adjustments regarding the delivery of your package. For this, you will only need your parcel number, which is displayed in the tracking link. Estimated shipping time for each EU country is displayed under our Shipping and Delivery Conditions.

I just received my shipping confirmation, but the tracking link isn’t working.

The tracking link is created as soon as your package is scanned and leaves our warehouse. However, it can take up to one hour for the first tracking information to be logged. Please try again later and contact us or the courier if the problem persists.

My order arrived damaged. What do I do?

If you receive your order with damage to the box or products, please notify us immediately and provide pictures of the damage. We will help you process the reclamation. Please contact us at and include your order number or invoice number as well as the pictures in the same email.

Important: If your order arrives with noticeable damage to the packaging, you have the right to either

1) Sign under “subject to approval” or

2) Reject the package due to damage

By choosing either of these options, the courier is immediately made aware of potential shipping damage and will expedite the reclamation process. Otherwise, your signature will indicate to the courier that the package arrived in proper condition and this could negatively influence a reclamation.

About Payment and Pricing

How much does an item cost? Can I pay in a different currency?

All of our prices are displayed as NET and do not yet include VAT and shipping cost. To see a complete price breakdown, simply place the item/s in your basket and proceed to the checkout. This does not obligate you to make the purchase.

To view the price in a different currency, please use the dropdown menu located at the top of the page underneath the English flag. Here, you will be able to select EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, DKK, SEK, PLN as acceptable currencies.

Our practice or business is VAT registered. Do I still have to pay VAT?

We accept valid EU VAT registration numbers.

When ordering online, you will have the ability to input your VAT Reg. No. and our system will immediately crosscheck it against the EU database for validity. If it is valid, then VAT will automatically be removed from the cost of the order.

If ordering via email or purchase order, please share the number with us.

Important: Please remember to include the two letter country code at the beginning of the number, otherwise our system will not recognise it as valid.

May I have a discount?

We strive to offer the lowest possible prices online, which includes bulk pricing on many of our items. Items with bulk pricing available will be listed as such and will display the price per unit, starting from a specified number of ordered units.

Because our prices are so low, there is often no room left for further discounts. However, if you plan on placing an order with a very high order value, then you are welcome to specially request an additional discount. You may either do so during the order process by leaving a message with your order, or you may contact us directly. When contacting us, please tell us the article number/s and quantity that you would like to order, as well as the shipping destination. We will then review the possibility of a discount and contact you with a possible offer.

How do I pay? Can I pay with a cheque?

No. We offer many convenient payment options. Unfortunately, a cheque is not one of them. Full details can be found here: Payment Options

Can I pay my invoice with a credit card?

Yes, you can! There is a payment link in each order confirmation email, which you can use to pay your invoice via credit card or PayPal. The payment link will expire, however, if too many days have passed. If the link is expired, simply contact us for a new one.

About Products

I need more information about a product.

We strive to provide as much information as possible on our article pages. If you do not find the information you are looking for in the product description or product details, you may check for frequently asked questions located further down on that same page.

Still didn’t find what you’re looking for? While we do try to help with product questions, we are only retailers and, therefore, limited to the information provided to us by the manufacturer. It is often recommended to contact the manufacturer directly regarding product queries that are not answered in our respective article descriptions. The name of the product’s manufacturer can always be found to the right of the “Art. No.” beneath the product title.

Do you offer product samples?

No. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer product samples. If you need a sample of a product, it may be best to request one from the manufacturer of the product in question.

My ordered product is no longer working properly. What do I do?

If you are having issues with a product you ordered from us, please contact us at and describe the problem. If possible or relevant, you can send us pictures or videos to better explain the issue and help us diagnose the problem. If we cannot help you solve the problem on your own, then we will ask you to return the item to us for further inspection. If we cannot fix the item, then it will be sent to the manufacturer for repair/replacement under the terms of the warranty.

How can I make a warranty claim?

If you believe you have a warranty claim, please contact us at and describe the problem you are having with your product. If possible or relevant, you can send us pictures or videos to better explain the issue and help us diagnose the problem. If we cannot help you solve the problem on your own, then we will ask you to return the item to us for further inspection. If we cannot fix the item, then it will be sent to the manufacturer for repair/replacement under the terms of the warranty.

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