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The most valuable Stationary & Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Sale! Choose an oxygen machine to fit your oxygen therapy and mobility needs.

BOYXM Oxygen Concentrator 103

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BOYXM Oxygen Concentrator 303

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BOYXM Oxygen Concentrator 503

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Product Highlights

CE Certification Approved

Our products have obtained CE certification and can be sold with confidence in all regions allowed in the world.

High Concentration

The Oxygen concentration is ≥82%.

Touch Screen

You can easily operate and check various data on the HD touch screen LED display.


The oxygen flow rate is 1~7L/min (the best-recommended flow rate is 1L/min, the default is 3L when starting up).

Low Noise

When the oxygen generator is working, the sound is around 42 decibels, and the noise of the whole machine does not exceed 54 decibels.

4 Stage Filtration

Air intake 4-stage filtration, Nitrogen removal, oxygen output.

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