Payment Options

Payment Options

We do not accept payment information over the phone. As an added measure of security, we do not accept credit card information or any other form of payment information over the telephone. If paying with PayPal or a credit/debit card(the 2checkout account is under review ), please place your order through the online shop.

Choose the payment method which is most convenient for you. Of course, the transaction of online payment methods are processed through a secure connection and is, therefore, as safe as current technology allows.
If you would like your order to include express delivery, then you may not choose the prepay option. Please understand that some payment options are not available in all countries.


Pay conveniently, quickly and securely with this online payment system. In order to pay with PayPal, you must use a PayPal account that you may create at


Direct Debit
Special for if you order often with BOXYM Official Store, we offer you the direct debit (also known as direct deposit) payment option. The withdrawal from your account will occur simultaneously as you receive your wares. Of course, you may opt out of the direct debit authorisation at any time. For this, simply contact our customer service.


Credit Card
Whether VISA or MasterCard – pay simply and quickly with your credit card.
In addition to the card details, we require the card verification number during the transaction process. This three or 4 digit number is found on the backside of your credit card. Of course, we do not store any of your security relevant credit card information.

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