BOXYM Min Moxibustion Box Columns Improve Sleep Quality Relief Pain

BOXYM Min Moxibustion Box Columns Improve Sleep Quality Relief Pain


Small and lightweight and High Quality.
It is composed of high-temperature and fire-resistant nylon and glass fiber raw materials.
Can be used for invigorating your spleen and stomach, dispelling dampness and cold, and improving dysmenorrhea.
Small, easy to use, and portable, suitable for home, work, and travel.
Suitable for the head, face, neck, back, chest, abdomen, and so on.
Promotes blood circulation, enhances immunity, improves blood circulation, relieves pain, and has no side effects.

  • Daily moxibustion healthy life - It can relieve neck, shoulder, waist leg, and other joint pain, improve sleep promote physical health
  • Moxibustion can be used all over - Significant effect. It is beneficial to our body, it can stimulate acupuncture points to promote blood circulation and make you feel relaxed.
  • Adjustable temperature - Rotate the main body of the moxibustion device to adjust the temperature
  • When Burning, The Smoker Flows Downward Vertically, and The Smoke Particles are Fine On Average. Scattering Out Uniform Smoke Pleasant Aroma

Using The Step:

  1. Put the sticker on the bottom of the moxibustion
  2. Take out the moxibustion column and insert the moxibustion column
  3. Ignite Ai Pillar
  4. Insert the moxibustion pot (a: Peel off the sticker; b: Stick to the moxibustion site)

Specifications of Min Moxibustion Box:

Brand Name: BOXYM
Origin: China
Model Number: PM401
Name: Mini Moxibustion Box
Use: Breast
Storage Conditions: -20℃≤60℃
Temperature Range: Adjustable Air Hole Size
Material: high-temperature resistant material
Number of Pieces: Combo
Product Weight: About 285g
Color: Cream Color
NET WT: 380g
Product Size: 210*195*69mm
Applicable People: Adult

Package Included:

4pcs * Moxbustion Box
60pcs*Moxibustion Column
60pcs*Non-woven Stickers

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