BOXYM 3PCS Portable Smart Moxibustion Box Massage Acupuncture Healthy Care

BOXYM 3PCS Portable Smart Moxibustion Box Massage


1. Fashionable design, light-body, mini size, easy to carry.
2. The built-in smart storage slot has a large storage space, which can accommodate the charging cable, the host, and the paste.
3. Using far-infrared + graphene heating technology to promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue.
4. Intelligent temperature control and hot compress, you can enjoy scientific moxibustion at any time.
5. The product can be adjusted in 3 gears, which can meet the needs of different temperatures.
6. Intimate design of automatic shutdown function, wisdom is extraordinary.

Using The Step:

1. Wipe the skin around the hot moxibustion site
2. Tear off the double-sided adhesive ring affixed by the paste
3. Glue the metal into the sheet on the rubber ring
4. Tear off the first layer of protective paper at the bottom of the paste
5. Remove the second layer of protective paper from the bottom of the paste
6. Apply the paste to the desired area long-press the top button of the product for 3s to power on

Specifications of Min Moxibustion Box:

Brand Name: BOXYM
Origin: China
Model Number: EM3
Amount of power: 2.5W
Use: Breast
Charging current: 1A
Item Type: Moxibustion
Material: ABS
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Charging voltage: 5V
Battery capacity: 260mAh
Color: Beige
NET WT: 220g
Dimensions: 160*60*38mm
Applicable People: Adult

Package Includes:

3 PCS* Moxibustion Heads
30 PCS*Moxibustion Tablets
1 PCS* Data Cable
1 PCS* Manual

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