BPA1: Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

BPA1: Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Functional Description

1) Measurement: Buck measurement
2) The results showed that: high pressure / low pressure/pulse
3) Unit Conversion: blood pressure units KPa / mmHg conversion (the default boot unit is mmHg)
4) Memory Group: Two sets of memory, each 99 measurements results of memory
5) Clock function: Set of year, month, day, hour, minute ;
6) Low power testing: any working-state detecting low power, LCD displays symbol prompts low power
7) Blood pressure classification indicator: blood pressure classification indicates blood pressure health
8) Overpressure protection function: pressure over 295mmHg (20ms) is automatically and quickly exhaust
9) Auto power-off function: No action for 1 minute then automatic shutdown
10) Prompt heartbeat sound (only buzzer)
11) Measurement is completed alert tone.
12) This product can be used both dry and can use the AC power supply.

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