N3: BOXYM Portable Nebulizer for Asthma COPD Household for Kids and Adults

The atomization inhalation method utilizes a high-speed oxygen gas flow to form a mist of the drug solution, which is then inhaled by the respiratory tract to achieve the purpose of treatment. Treats respiratory infections and eliminates inflammation and edema. Interpretation. Thinning the sputum to help remove sputum.

N3: BOXYM Portable Nebulizer for Asthma COPD Household for Kids and Adults

About the product
Micron mesh technology, creat fine mist for effective inhalation.
MMAD: less than 5μm
Smart and portable, palm-sized with weight 4 ounces approx., ideal for travel and home use
Detached liquid cup design, easy to clean and maintenance
Quiet running with noise less than 50dB, working in slanting position wherever lie in bed
Suitable for kids and adults

Power: 3V DC (2 x AA 1.5V batteries)
Residual liquid amount: ≤0.5Ml
Atomization rate: ≥0.2Ml/min
Noise: ≤50Db(A)
Net weight: about 108g (without battery)
Size: 130mm X 48mm X 60mm

Kindly remind:
- This unit does not work with pure distilled water.
- After each use, you may pour a small amount of water, then turn on the unit to atomize the water for 1 to 2 minutes to remove residue from the mesh holes.

What is a nebulizer(definition)?
A nebulizer is a device that takes a liquid solution and turns it into a fine mist that can be inhaled. I frequently hear patients refer to it as a “breathing machine” that gives a “breathing treatment”. This device is suitable for the most common nebulized medication and is used to treat wheezing and chest tightness in asthmatics and emphysema patients. The primary advantage of nebulizers is that they are very easy to use. Place the medication in the machine, flip the switch, and breathe normally from the mouthpiece or mask till the medication is finished- around 10 minutes.

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